MathHelp Policy
This page documents an MathHelp policy, a widely accepted standard that all editors should normally follow. Changes made to it should reflect consensus.

This is a wiki, so it's open for editing by everyone. That's a good thing, until people disagree. When that happens, we look to the policies to decide what to do. If there's no policy, then we refer to this policy policy to figure out how to make (or fix) a policy that covers the situation.

MathHelp MissionEdit

The mission of MathHelp is to provide information helpful to math students in a light, informal style.

Changing a policyEdit

If a dispute arises, and there is no policy that clearly settles the question, then the a policy change is needed. The "talk" (or discussion) page of the policy should be used to debate the relative merits of proposed policy changes. Once a consensus is achieved, then the policy can be changed. Then, the new policy should be used to govern the original dispute.

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