The "voice" of MathHelp is that of the intrepid mathematician who is uncovering the wonderful hidden truths of mathematics. That's me! I'm saying that! What do you think of that? If you want to copyedit a page that seems a bit dry, go right ahead and put some I's and you's into it.

Question and answer pagesEdit

Some of the best pages start out, "A student asks," followed by a fun problem or puzzle. In those pages, when the student is done asking the question, an authority has to step up and answer the question. The name of this authority is "MathHelp". So the voice of MathHelp has a name, and the name of this voice is MathHelp. Here's an example of a page that uses this style:

A student asks,
<The body of the student's question is written here.>
MathHelp replies,
<The voice of authority (but written in a light style, with first person pronouns, singular please (no royal "we")) answers the question, and points out lots of fun stuff along the way.>

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