"Categories" are wiki things that organize pages. Go ahead and create new categories, if you like. But please follow these rules.

  • Categories are subcategories of other categories. Look at the existing category tree on the main page, and see where your category fits in. To hook it into the tree, add the parent category as a category of your new category. Clear?
  • Categories describe the articles themselves, not how you feel about them. In other words, "Ken's favorite pages" is no good.
  • Use standard wiki capitalization: first letter and proper nouns only.
  • Use singular nouns. For example, a good category is Theorem, not Theorems
  • Be bold. If an exception to these rules makes sense, make an exception.

Linking to categoriesEdit

If you include [[Category:Fubar]] in an article, for example, "many articles in this wiki are [[Category:Fubar]], the result will not be rendered as text. Instead, the article you are creating or editing will be added to the "Fubar" category. Instead, link to the category this way: [[:Category:Fubar]]. You can change the rendering text of the link in the usual way using the "pipe" character, |, for example, [[:Category:Fubar|foo-bar]]

Piped categoriesEdit

If, on the other hand, you really want to include the current page in a category, but you want it to be alphebetized under a different letter on the category page, use the pipe to indicate where it should appear. For example, the page called "2" could be categorized in the "words for numbers" category as [[Category:Words for numbers|Two]].

MathHelp category structureEdit

There are two kinds of categories here: Content and organization. Look at the bottom of the main page for a complete list of the "content" categories. Here is the tree of organization categories:

About(2 C, 4 P)
[×] MathHelp template(14 P)
[×] Resources(1 P)
Site administration(1 C, 3 P)
Community(2 C, 4 P)
[×] Blog posts(empty)
[×] Watercooler(2 P)
[×] Copyright(empty)
no subcategories
Forums(2 C, 4 P)
[×] Help desk(2 P)
[×] Watercooler(2 P)
Help(1 C, 4 P)
[×] Help desk(2 P)
[×] Images(7 F)
no subcategories
Site maintenance(6 C, 3 P)
[×] Article stubs(10 P)
[×] Disambiguations(2 P)
[×] Improvement needed(6 P)
[×] Needs improvement(empty)
[×] MathHelp policy(10 P)
no subcategories
[×] New pages(empty)
no subcategories
Templates(6 C, 6 P)
[×] Template documentation(66 P)
[×] Category templates(3 P)
[×] General wiki templates(34 P)
[×] Image wiki templates(9 P)
[×] Infobox templates(10 P)