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Math Help provides tips and techniques for sixth grade math through high school, and offers one-on-one help for math students using a variety of methods.

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It's simple. Find the Create a new page link on this page, and click it. Give it a title, and type in your question. If you're a logged-in Wikia user, then you can "Follow" the page, and you'll see if it gets answered. This is how MathHelp gets some of its best material – as questions from students.

Tips and techniquesEdit

Math Help was started as the MathHelp website by Graeme McRae as a set of math tips and techniques for my own kids who ranged in age from 11 to 18 as I developed these pages — from sixth grade through high school. Later, Graeme added pages on particular topics such as number theory, counting, and puzzles. As you click around in this wiki, you'll find some aspects of math covered in great detail and others given very little space. That's because this site isn't supposed to be a soup to nuts math tutorial, but rather a collection of hints and useful tidbits of information.


The pages in this site are written in as conversational a style as possible for mathematics. That is, ideas are expressed as simply as possible, without sacrificing too much rigor. This is done by presenting ideas in a sequence so they can build on one another.

Graeme's old websiteEdit

Graeme started the MathHelp website in the 1990's, to document some helpful ideas. I received some good responses from my "public" -- people looking for solutions to their math problems. Some people offered suggestions or corrections to the website. Others asked me for help with particular math problems.


Enter the wiki: instead of sending me an email, just make the correction yourself. If you have a problem you need help with, just create a "stub" for the problem, and then maybe Graeme will run with it, or someone else in the world will find it and help you solve it.

What MathHelp Is NotEdit

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In the spirit of What Wikipedia is not, MathHelp is not Wikipedia, hehehe. If you want to write a well-researched and sourced article, then by all means, put it there. But if you want to share your original research or problem solving methods, and you want to present it in a light and clear way, then it is welcome here.

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Find the "search" bar, and type something into it. Good luck!


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Take a gander at an alphabetical list of the categories to see if any of them interest you, or else this list of just the "content" categories:

Algebra(3 P)
Basic algebra(1 P)
Basic math(2 P)
Calculus(4 C, 1 P)
[×] Counting(empty)
First principle(1 C, 1 P)
Geometry(1 C, 2 P)
[×] Glossary(empty)
Homework problem(1 P)
[×] Inequality(empty)
[×] Lagrange multiplier(empty)
[×] Linear programming(empty)
[×] Math joke(empty)
Number system(3 P)
Number theory(6 C, 5 P)
[×] Physics(empty)
[×] Procedures(empty)
Puzzle(3 P)
[×] Sequence or series(empty)
[×] Set theory(empty)
[×] Statistics(empty)
[×] Theorem(empty)
Trigonometry(1 P)
[×] Unsolved problem(empty)
Word problem(2 P)